Work Connect

  • Work Connect has both recessed & surface mounted option
  • Any Configuration of Power / Data / Audio / Video is possible
  • Reconfigurable system for future use
  • Available in 2 modules to 12 modules
  • Rated for 220-250V.

Work Connect allows a wide variety of configurations in a concentrated space. Based on an aluminum extrusion, the Work Connect accommodate power sockets, data connectors, AV and other connectors as a comprehensive under desk unit as per customer's exact specification

Features /Technical Details:

  • Innovative Technology and Attractive design to serve your modern work place
  • Aluminium Alloy Shell
  • Bringing Electrical and data service to your desk
  • Any Configuration of Raw Power / UPS Power / Data / Audio / Video is possible
  • Can be supplied with Loop in Loop out Option
  • Length is customized available
  • Available in 2 modules to 20 modules
  • Rated for 220-250V.

For Workstations

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